[ExI] What's wrong with Wolfram?

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>> ### Indeed. Are you familiar with Wolfram's Physics Project? I feel his
>> approach may help us eventually put metaphysics on a firmer ground and
>> maybe connect physics to the theory of consciousness in a more rigorous way.
> His project to frame physics in terms of cellular automata?
> I think his project is, due to a subtle argument, shown to be impossible.
> A result by Bruno Marchal implies that if digital Mechanism (in philosophy
> of mind) is true, then digital physics cannot be true. And because digital
> physics implies digital mechanism, the idea of digital physics leads to
> contradiction and so must be false.
### Can you elaborate on this?

BTW, Wolfram's Physics Project is not based on cellular automata but rather
graphs, which is an extension of his previous efforts from "A new kind of

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