[ExI] My guesses about GPTs consciousness

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> Yes Rafal,
> Most everything you say seems quite insightful, and helpful.
> I'd also like to know: would you define consciousness?
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>>> 4) I do not know what structures arose in the GPT4 to be able to process
>>> sensory (e.g. visual) information. If they are different from the human
>>> sensory cortex, the corresponding qualia might be also completely different
>>> from human.
> This sounds very compatible with the way I think about qualities of
> subjective knowledge.
> Here is the image I always show to describe my view:
> [image: 3_robots_tiny.png]
> In other words, robots represent knowledge of red things with abstract
> names, like the word 'red'.  The system can't know what redness is like,
> and it can't know what the word red means, without a dictionary.
> For us, the subjective quality of our knowledge of red things is just a
> fact.  No dictionary required.
> So, just wondering if you would agree with this?
> And the supporters of the Representational Qualia Theory
> <https://canonizer.com/topic/88-Theories-of-Consciousness/6-Representational-Qualia>
> petition camp are working on building and tracking consensus around a
> definition of consciousness as:
> *"Computationally bound elemental subjective qualities like redness and
> greenness."*
> Oh, and Jason had a great idea of how to improve this image, so here is an
> early draft (we're still working on making it better):
> [image: The Strawberry is Red_02.jpg]
> Jason, let me know what you think. Does it better communicate what I'm
> trying to say about qualities of conscious knowledge?
Yes! This is a massive improvement!

I especially like that it reveals the internal perceptions within their
heads. It might benefit  to label the three people so that you can
distinguish them more easily in a textual description. Like A, B, C, D.

Or alternatively, to give the three people distinguishing features (E.g.
make one a man, or have a different hair style and give a hat to one of
them, or something). That way you can refer to cases more easily.


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