[ExI] My guesses about GPTs consciousness

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Dreaming is a form of consciousness. In sleep, the time when you are not
conscious is deep sleep or slow wave sleep. During dreaming the brain waves
are very similar to what one observes during waking (a little bit less beta
and more theta so it is distinguishable but not super easy). In fact, an
old name for REM (that is the time during sleep when we have most dreams)
is paradoxical sleep because it looks like waking superficially (from an
EEG point of view) but evidently the subjects are asleep. One can use
proxies for Tononi's Integrated Information which is supposed to be some
form of measure of consciousness and it can be shown this measure is the
lowest (no consciousness) during slow wave sleep and highest during waking
with dream states in the between.

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> On 16/04/2023 19:07, bill w wrote:
> One cannot sense without consciousness  Jason
> Oh yes we can - dreams.  Visual, mostly, rarely auditory, never touch,
> smell or taste (unless some chat member reports any of those. )   bill w
> I can definitely report that my dreams sometimes incorporate sound
> (playing a musical instrument) and touch (we won't go there). Don't recall
> taste or smell, though. Proprioception as well, though, very commonly (as
> in, almost always. Many of my dreams are about movement - running, cycling,
> skating, flying, as well as less common and physically impossible ways of
> moving - and I can feel the motion, not just see it).
> The question of whether we are conscious while dreaming is an interesting
> one, though. Lucid dreaming - are we really conscious then? And I sometimes
> have what I'd call 'semi-lucid' dreams where I can control events, or at
> least influence them, but am not as conscious as in a lucid dream.
> Ben
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