[ExI] My guesses about GPTs consciousness

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Wtf I have all my senses in my dreams....

When I was a kid I used to try and eat in dreams specifically cuz the food
was always so fanciful

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> On 16/04/2023 19:07, bill w wrote:
> One cannot sense without consciousness  Jason
> Oh yes we can - dreams.  Visual, mostly, rarely auditory, never touch,
> smell or taste (unless some chat member reports any of those. )   bill w
> I can definitely report that my dreams sometimes incorporate sound
> (playing a musical instrument) and touch (we won't go there). Don't recall
> taste or smell, though. Proprioception as well, though, very commonly (as
> in, almost always. Many of my dreams are about movement - running, cycling,
> skating, flying, as well as less common and physically impossible ways of
> moving - and I can feel the motion, not just see it).
> The question of whether we are conscious while dreaming is an interesting
> one, though. Lucid dreaming - are we really conscious then? And I sometimes
> have what I'd call 'semi-lucid' dreams where I can control events, or at
> least influence them, but am not as conscious as in a lucid dream.
> Ben
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