[ExI] e: GPT-4 on its inability to solve the symbol grounding problem

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> On 18/04/2023 06:59, Gordon Swobe wrote:
> Optical illusions, hallucinations, abstract ideas, intuitively known
> mathematical truths, all these purely subjective phenomena are referents no
> less so than the direct perception of an apple.
> Well, I don't know about 'intuitively known mathematical truths' (pretty
> sure they don't exist, certainly in *my* brain!), but I'd agree, except
> for the bit about 'direct perception of an apple'. There is no direct
> perception of anything. Only a flood of sensory feature data that we have
> to make sense of (and actually, a large part of it is discarded in the
> process). We don't perceive apples, we construct them. And as a
> consequence, sometimes the things we construct don't really exist, whether
> we realise it or not. Things like unicorns, gods and 'physical qualities'.

You are making the same mistake here, when you say "physical qualities"
don't exist, which Dennett makes when they say: "We don't have qualia, it
just seems like we do."
The seeming, or mistaken knowledge, is the qualia.  So the statement is
self contradictory.
If you know something, even if it is mistaken knowledge, that knowledge
must be something physically real.
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