[ExI] e: GPT-4 on its inability to solve the symbol grounding problem

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> You are making the same mistake here, when you say "physical qualities"
> don't exist, which Dennett makes when they say: "We don't have qualia, it
> just seems like we do."
> The seeming, or mistaken knowledge, is the qualia.  So the statement is
> self contradictory.
> If you know something, even if it is mistaken knowledge, that knowledge
> must be something physically real.

I would say I agree 100% with what you say above, but only if you take out
the two instances of "physically." The insertion of that word makes what
would otherwise make sense to me, something which I can't follow.

Could you describe what you mean by "physically" and why you feel it
important to use that word here? That is, could you explain why you say
"physical qualities" rather than "qualities", and "physically real" rather
than "real"?


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