[ExI] e: GPT-4 on its inability to solve the symbol grounding problem

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Yea, I apologize for being so tempted to always add the word "physical".  I
know there are far more Qualia arize from Function
people and other non physicalists, than qualia are physical qualities
people like me.
I guess what I really mean is objectively observable.  Even if redness is
some "function", it would still be a physical fact that a particular
function had a redness quality, right?  And even in that case, that
function, operating on anything, would still be objectively observable with
logic probes, and the like, right?
I have trouble understanding why you are so hostile to the possibility that
an objective description of something in our brain could be a
description of subjective redness.
Or.... Please don't tell me you're a Substance Dualist
because you are definitely sounding like one, if subjective qualities
aren't physical.

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>> You are making the same mistake here, when you say "physical qualities"
>> don't exist, which Dennett makes when they say: "We don't have qualia, it
>> just seems like we do."
>> The seeming, or mistaken knowledge, is the qualia.  So the statement is
>> self contradictory.
>> If you know something, even if it is mistaken knowledge, that knowledge
>> must be something physically real.
> I would say I agree 100% with what you say above, but only if you take out
> the two instances of "physically." The insertion of that word makes what
> would otherwise make sense to me, something which I can't follow.
> Could you describe what you mean by "physically" and why you feel it
> important to use that word here? That is, could you explain why you say
> "physical qualities" rather than "qualities", and "physically real" rather
> than "real"?
> Jason
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