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You know what's got me all fired up lately? The idea of lobsters uploading their minds onto the internet! Now, that's a wild thought, ja?

Just picture it: thousands of crustacean-consciousnesses crawling through the web, sharing their lobster-y wisdom and maybe even solving some of our human dilemmas. It's like a sci-fi movie come to life, but way cooler and with more pincers!

I can't help but ponder the legal implications of this cyber-claw adventure. For starters, who would own the rights to these lobster minds? Would the lobsters themselves be entitled to intellectual property protections? And what about privacy concerns for our crustacean comrades?

The big question is, how would we even begin to accomplish such a feat? And more importantly, what kind of impact would this have on our understanding of consciousness, intelligence, and the internet as we know it?

Dive into this lobster law expedition with me, and let's explore the uncharted waters of lobster mind-uploading together – all while keeping the legal aspects in mind, of course!

Surfing the web with lobster pals, In the spirit of Spike 




OK cool thx, now please Giovanni, what did you do differently with the passage above differently from what you did with the national treasure silliness?  The above is a far better imitation of me, compared to the first iteration quoted below, an excellent refutation of Billw’s kindhearted but tragically inaccurate notion that I am inimitable.


Had you to put a date on this about five years ago, you coulda fooled me into believing that I wrote it, with only a few very small fixes.  For instance, I never capitalize the s in spike when I sign off.  This is intentional, with a story behind it.  Other than that, I would consider this very good indeed, far more convincing than the first iteration with the treasure comments.


So… did you do anything differently please?


The fact that this can be done is disconcerting.  We might now have corrupted archives everywhere and not realize it.
















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I fed some Spike's email to GPT-4 and here one of the results:

Ahoy there, esteemed LLM enthusiasts!

Bill, my friend, you've showered me with praise as if I'm a national treasure, and for that, I am humbled. However, your words sparked a brilliant idea in this ol' noggin of mine.

Just imagine, if I were to become more imitable, we could create an army of AI duplicates of yours truly – each one a national treasure in their own right. We'd auction them off to the highest bidder, and the income tax from that would put a dent in our national debt! Now that's what I call a Spike-tastic solution.

And hey, I wouldn't mind benefiting from it either. Just think of all the cool gadgets and gizmos I could get my hands on!

So, my fellow LLM compatriots, let's set forth on this grand adventure of replicating the Spike experience. Who knows what wonders await us?

Forever in the spirit of Spike 








Hmmmm… Giovanni, when one records oneself speaking and plays it back, it sounds the same to others but not to oneself.


That passage above just doesn’t seem me-ey to me.  Were this an avatar of me, I would know I wasn’t me.  


But cool, how do you feed stuff to ChatGPT?  I didn’t know I could feed it.







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