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On 25/04/2023 00:00, spike wrote:

>>…In any case, I don’t know what that spike-trains business is about.  Ben, do explain please.  Sounds kinda cool.

Try: http://www.neuwritewest.org/blog/2015/1/3/ask-a-neuroscientist-whats-a-spike-train

>…Not to get too technical, neurons 'fire' by depolarising the cell membrane. …One other thing I will say: biology is messy. …. The brain is like a computer in some ways, and not like one in others, is really all you can sensibly say…Ben


Cool thx Ben.  I had never thought of it that way, but it is a cause for hope.  If we find enough ways a brain is like a computer, it suggests a mind can (in theory) exist in a computer, which is something I have long believed and hoped is true.  If thought is substrate dependent on biology, we are all sunk in the long run.



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