[ExI] another open letter, but this one may be smarter than the previous one

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Subject: Re: [ExI] another open letter, but this one may be smarter than the
previous one

On 29/04/2023 23:35, spike asked:
> So how do we dial in some robustness to modern society?

Well, my answer to these types of questions is usually the same. Learn from
something that's been solving them for a few billion years: Evolution.

Robustness is almost always achieved through diversity. The more different
systems you have, the more likely that at least one of them will survive
conditions that will kill the others off. Monocultures are inevitable
deadly, sooner or later. Why do you think there are so damned many species?


Ja, Ben that is where I was going with my comment a coupla days ago with the
thought experiment about every networked computer conking simultaneously in
1973.  Some would have been impacted by that but most of us would not have
noticed anything.  We would read about it in the "newspaper" which was
printed on actual literal "paper" back in those days.  But life would go
right on.

There are places on this planet today which are equivalent to 1973
somewhere.  Might be Africa, western Australia, central Asia, places which
would go right on living if unbridled technological competition causes an AI
singularity which destroys technologically advanced society.  Some within
the tech advanced world would survive: people who know how to live off the
grid completely independent of society for instance.  I personally know one
such family.  They would be OK up there.  They can grow enough food on their
property to survive and have the mechanical means of defending it.


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