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Kelly Anderson postmowoods at gmail.com
Sat Dec 23 15:58:15 UTC 2023

For one thing, just as soon as someone is expert enough to upload
their own mind, then that uploaded mind becomes the world expert
immediately supplanting the former "expert" so if by expert you mean
the best in the world, then there couldn't be one for more than a few
milliseconds after they successfully upload their own mind. So being
an expert at mind uploading is a brief career.

On the other hand, there are experts in mind uploading today, if you
count uploading the mind of a C. Elegans. That person will remain an
expert at mind uploading for some time, I'd suspect.

In today's world, there are rarely individual experts on anything
leading edge. The reason for this is that to accomplish anything at
the moment takes a large team. There's no single expert on space
telescopes, but there are teams of experts on various subcomponents
that constitute a space telescope, and other experts at actually
getting said device into space.

Another interesting line of reasoning revolves around the unknowable
legal structure surrounding the future of AIs. Will the uploaded brain
of the upload expert be their own person? Will they have enough legal
rights to claim expertise, or will they be an "owned" tool of the
original uploadee? We can only imagine what those legal structures
might look like, but I'd bet the AIs would be smart enough to argue
their way into being recognized as legitimate sentient beings with
some rights at some point.

I found this question not to be at all stupid, but rather a good
prompt for foraging through a quite interesting ideascape.


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