[ExI] Unassailability and the Fermi Paradox

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> I doubt this is a new idea.
> After reading the Scientific America article that was recently proffered...
> Within history for the past few thousand years there has been an
> oscillation between unassailable walls and more and more terrible
> machines for breaching walls. When taken to its limit, the most
> unassailable wall in the universe is the event horizon of a black
> hole. Going through an event horizon, as I understand it, leads to a
> poor outcome for the invader. If, on the other hand, it were possible
> to engineer the collapse creating a black hole such that the matter
> initially creating the black hole maintained some kind of pattern,
> then one could conceptually collapse one's civilization into a black
> hole and thus create an unassailable wall the likes of which has never
> been seen in our history. Perhaps this is a partial answer to the
> Fermi Paradox, I know people have associated black holes with the
> paradox before, so nothing new there... but orbiting a black hole
> seems slightly different than creating a black hole with maintained
> patterns within... comments? Am I just missing some large part of
> physics here?

This has been coined the "Transcension Hypothesis" by Jonathan Smart:



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