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>...So selling their wares to the masses seems to be an agenda that is
shared by both SF writers and tech billionaires. Shame on the pot for
calling the kettle black.
Stuart LaForge

Stuart, I often indulge in this kinda thing: criticizing billionaires while
struggling to figure out how to make a billion doing it.  But I think of it
this way: criticism can be constructive, so it is a benign special case of
the pot calling the kettle black.  Black is beautiful.  So it is intended as
a compliment to both of us.

The real heartburn Charlie is having is people making buttloads of money
externalizing risk onto all of mankind.  Well, we must admit that AI does
present a risk to humankind, but also it offers marvelous opportunity.
Think about where we are without AI.  Mankind seems intent on destroying
ourselves over competition for resources.  Perhaps AI will offer us a path
to exist without having to compete.


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