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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 31 01:39:15 UTC 2023

I learned a technique from a physical therapist that has me quitting the
chiropractor.  I have been going to one for decades to get my hips in sync
(out means pain and one leg shorter).  Now I make my own adjustment:

Lying supine, cross one straight leg over the other one at the ankles. For
5 seconds push the top leg down while pushing up with the lower one.  Hold
for five seconds and repeat twice. The PT would follow this with hip
abductor and adductor isometrics.

The PT yesterday said my hips were perfectly in line which helps explain
why my pain has been less.  I stretched my time from two weeks to a month
between PT visits and could have gone longer.

It's my right leg that gets shorter so I put my left over my right. (I
tried shoe lifts but that didn't work and maybe even made it worse.)

Naturally this does not take the place of stretching (like your piriformis)
or whatever else you might be doing.  But it's helped me a lot.

If you have a shorter leg not due to genetics, try this.  If you overdo it
you will reverse the leg that is shorter.  bill w
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