[ExI] vaccines again

John Klos john at ziaspace.com
Wed Jan 4 17:30:18 UTC 2023

>> ...You're not writing to children, Spike, who can easily be tricked by 
>> stuff like this. California rail has failed and will fail because of 
>> capitalism, not because of the lack of it...
> What trick?  Investors didn't want this project, so the state of 
> California offered a bond measure.  Then within a few minutes after it 
> passed, they doubled the price tag, then didn't offer a new vote.  That 
> is political malpractice and yet another reason why governments should 
> not play in this game.
> Investors still don't want this, for reasons easy to see: trains 
> introduce danger from fellow passengers and have all the disadvantages 
> of planes, but are slower, even the high-speed ones.

I seriously wonder what you hope to achieve here. Do you want us to 
believe that your understanding of capitalism stops at a fifth grade 
social studies level? If we believe that you're that naive, then do you 
really want us to just agree with you because we don't have the energy to 
argue with something this ridiculous?

I want to believe you have a better understanding than this, but you keep 

You have all these silly non sequiturs, like "trains introduce danger from 
fellow passengers". Huh? Why does every discussion devolve in to tangents 
that have nothing to do with the root of the discussion?

If you want to understand how capitalism has made government wasteful and 
horribly inefficient, then learn how that explains the failure of rail in 
California, there's probably a subreddit that's more appropriate for that. 
Capitalism broke the government, not the other way around. After all, 
which existed in a similar form longer than the other, and hasn't changed 
significantly because of the other? (causation != correlation, until we 
show the causation - one direction explains things, the other does not)


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