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Mon Jan 23 02:28:40 UTC 2023

Why is anybody talking about any of this stupid bullshit?

Is is bad to breathe in alkanes?  Definitely.  Could it cause weird
autoimmune problems just like other shit that is obviously bad to breathe
in?  Definitely.  Is it clearly a small problem compared to all the other
horrible shit that even more people, as well as the ones with gas stoves,
are breathing in, drinking, eating, bathing in?  Definitely.

It makes me sad to see these stupid nebulous divide and conquer nothing
stories worm their way into what I had thought was a group of people who
prided themselves on being above that kind of shit.  Nobody is banning gas
stoves, nobody gives a shit, just another pointless wedge issue of bread,
circuses, and BULLSHIT fed to people who watch CNN or FOX or whatever,
neither of which are media sources the consumers of which I really want to
spend much time talking to.  Especially on a list where people used to talk
more about cool shit like time travel.  At least there's a consciousness

I would like to vote for a ban of not only politics here but also
politicized science and science-ized politics.  In an ideal world I think
it'd be nice to discuss politics in a reasonable manner but it's just awful
to see that smoothbrain dreck pervade a group where people are supposed to
be talking about how to reverse aging and travel to other galaxies

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> Quoting sjatkins via extropy-chat <extropy-chat at lists.extropy.org>:
> > Would someone more well-versed in the statistical argument presented
> > please critically examine the argument in this article. It looks
> > quite suspicious to me to go from a meta-analysis of other articles
> > that did not explicitly find a link between asthma and gas stoves to
> > a the number of gas stoves in existence and the rate of asthma plus
> > a bit of mathematical jargon to conclude 12.1% correlation between
> > asthma (much less) correlation and gas stoves in the home. Yet this
> > suspicious article is being widely referred to in MSM as support
> > from "the Science" for banning gas stoves.
> >
> > https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/20/1/75
> >
> > And of course those that question this latest bit of trumpeted
> > "wisdom" are being called "deniers" and worse as per quite sad usual
> > today.
> I would point out a few things. First this was a meta-analysis which
> included a previously published meta-analysis published in 2013. So
> there has been no new data on this in over a decade. Furthermore none
> of the original studies could find a correlation, so the 2013
> meta-analysis is the only evidence for any causal link. I would also
> point out that the authors disclosed that part of their funding came
> from RMI, which is a non-profit dedicated to a zero-carbon energy
> infrastructure. https://rmi.org/
> So yeah, this paper is pretty suspicious and is not based on any new
> data. Generally, one can get a really good idea of the political bias
> of any scientific work by following the money.
> Stuart LaForge
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