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>>… Childless people have a different outlook than
those who raise children.  spike




>…Your thoughts, please?   bill w



Billw, having raised children you have been drawn into things like the public school system (this is the most important one) with a vested interest.  Just seeing that world opens a whole new paradigm.  


Before I spawned offspring, I was aware there was a public school nearby, but seldom gave it much thought beyond that.  Now I am up to my eyeballs involved in it, and much to my surprise, finding it most worthwhile and oddly fulfilling.  This is ME talking, sheesh.


If one has no biological offspring, the end of one’s life is really in many ways the end of one’s concern (there are many exceptions of course (and there are those of us looking at the hope of cryonic suspension etc.))  With biological offspring, some things just matter a lot more, such as one’s own family tree.















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