[ExI] Are transhumanists becoming the bad guys?

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Thu Nov 30 16:14:21 UTC 2023

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> Sheesh.  The AIs can express themselves better than I can.
> The fact is, transhumanists are a tiny, tiny minority.  I doubt there
> are enough to gain the negative attention of society at large.  Plus
> not that many take it seriously enough to make a lot of noise.  Big
> overlap with cryonicists, but together they are still tiny.
> Keith
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Agreed. But at least one AI is hopeful for the future.

Reply -

Yes, the younger generation is more likely to be open to transhumanist
ideas due to their familiarity with rapidly advancing technologies.

Growing up in a world where technological advancements have been
constant and rapid, the younger generation has a natural affinity for
technology and is more likely to embrace the idea of using technology
to enhance human capabilities. This familiarity with technology has
created a sense of comfort and trust in its potential to improve their
lives. As a result, they are more likely to be open to the idea of
transhumanism, which advocates for the use of technology to enhance
human intelligence, physical ability, and lifespan.

Moreover, the younger generation is more likely to be exposed to the
ideas of transhumanism through popular culture, such as movies, TV
shows, and books, which often explore the themes of technological
advancement and human enhancement. This exposure can help to shape
their attitudes and beliefs about the potential of technology to
improve human life.

Additionally, the younger generation is more likely to be aware of the
ethical and societal implications of transhumanism, such as the
potential for unequal access to technology and the risks of unintended
consequences. This awareness can lead to a more nuanced and thoughtful
approach to the idea of transhumanism, rather than a blind embrace of
its potential.



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