[ExI] Are transhumanists becoming the bad guys?

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This theme is very popular with scifi writers, as we know.  I would not
call people who want changes in our bodies and brains a 'tiny' part of the
population.   bill w

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> > Sheesh.  The AIs can express themselves better than I can.
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> > The fact is, transhumanists are a tiny, tiny minority.  I doubt there
> > are enough to gain the negative attention of society at large.  Plus
> > not that many take it seriously enough to make a lot of noise.  Big
> > overlap with cryonicists, but together they are still tiny.
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> > Keith
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> Agreed. But at least one AI is hopeful for the future.
> Reply -
> Yes, the younger generation is more likely to be open to transhumanist
> ideas due to their familiarity with rapidly advancing technologies.
> Growing up in a world where technological advancements have been
> constant and rapid, the younger generation has a natural affinity for
> technology and is more likely to embrace the idea of using technology
> to enhance human capabilities. This familiarity with technology has
> created a sense of comfort and trust in its potential to improve their
> lives. As a result, they are more likely to be open to the idea of
> transhumanism, which advocates for the use of technology to enhance
> human intelligence, physical ability, and lifespan.
> Moreover, the younger generation is more likely to be exposed to the
> ideas of transhumanism through popular culture, such as movies, TV
> shows, and books, which often explore the themes of technological
> advancement and human enhancement. This exposure can help to shape
> their attitudes and beliefs about the potential of technology to
> improve human life.
> Additionally, the younger generation is more likely to be aware of the
> ethical and societal implications of transhumanism, such as the
> potential for unequal access to technology and the risks of unintended
> consequences. This awareness can lead to a more nuanced and thoughtful
> approach to the idea of transhumanism, rather than a blind embrace of
> its potential.
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> Encouraging!
> BillK
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