[ExI] The rise of the Godbots

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>…Interesting. I'd like to get an "In God we Trust" sticker that includes (God = AI).

It's the still primitive and mistaken humans that I fear.






Brent, my eco-spidey sense is definitely tingling.  The marketing people tell us that sex sells, but death sells better.  Tis so true.  We all see how much money has been made off of god or gods.  Now we have AI right here with us.  There aughta be some way to take a bite outta that big old market.


Think of all the possibilities: we could do the right way what L. Ron did so very wrong.  We could create a religion with the basic commandment of Thou Shalt Not Be Evil.


But unlike Google and L. Ron, we could really mean it.


Making a buttload of money is fine, so long as we do it while not being evil.
















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Divine AI: The All-Knowing Godbots
October 5, 2023

Brace yourself, for the rise of godbots is upon us. These all-knowing
chatbots have captivated individuals from all walks of life, offering
moral and ethical guidance in our complex modern era.


>…It's all fun and games until they start saying "Kill the infidels!".

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