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> Hey cool, I have long wondered if the USGS could give us a warning in time to duck and cover in case of an earthquake.  It seemed to me like it could, given sufficient numbers of detectors and such.  Just a few minutes ago I got a duck and cover notice from them for the first time.  The earthquake is a 5.7 epicenter about 90 km northeast of here.  It is not yet fast enough however, for a quake that size would be nothing by the time the waves travelled this far.  I heard a creak when my house moved a little, then the warning came to the phone a few seconds later.
> In any case… as they set more detectors and the system matures, it can only get better.  So maybe we are getting there.
> spike
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Oct 05, 2023
AI-Driven Earthquake Forecasting Shows Promise in Trials

Developed by researchers at The University of Texas at Austin, the AI
algorithm correctly predicted 70% of earthquakes a week before they
happened during a seven-month trial in China.
The AI was trained to detect statistical bumps in real-time seismic
data that researchers had paired with previous earthquakes. The
outcome was a weekly forecast in which the AI successfully predicted
14 earthquakes within about 200 miles of where it estimated they would
happen and at almost exactly the calculated strength.


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