[Paleopsych] Restart: licking the rich

Steve shovland at mindspring.com
Sun Aug 1 01:23:28 UTC 2004


In her blog she mentions "an arranged marriage was the last 
straw."  After writing the original post I had been thinking that
the old rich are probably one of the few groups in the west
that still does this- it is necessary to restrict the family
boundaries in order to maintain control of the wealth.  At the
same time the idiom "bringing in fresh blood" encapsulates
their awareness of the risks of in-breeding.  Princess Diana
was fresh blood for the House of Hanover.  And she once
said that "they are not human."  In other words, empathy
impaired, Reptilian.

In commenting on her schooling she talks about the girls
classified as "princesses," referring to their cold-bloodedness.
That sums up "attachment disorder" quite well.  Their
mothers were probably "cold" and they will likely produce cold 
daughters unto the Nth generation.  Being "cold" is of course
not a barrier to reproduction, as lust is one of the Reptilian

Outside of her blog, there is no sign of any creative impulse
to drive her existence.  About what one would expect.
Her fear of being consigned to a "reprogramming center"
seems to be the main driver, which I can well understand.

Steve Hovland

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