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Sun Aug 1 19:55:57 UTC 2004

At 06:35 PM 7/31/2004 -0700, Steve wrote:
>I would agree that my thoughts about child-rearing
>among the rich were speculative, not being one myself.
>However, the whole issue of attachment disorders is not
>speculative, having been meticulously researched for
>many years.  John Bowlby started working on this in
>the 1950's.
>If one did real research on child-rearing among the
>rich and found a high incidence of "absent" parenting
>then one would also find a high incidence of
>attachment disorders and everything that results
>from that.
>One source on this is "Treating Attachment
>Disorders" by Karl Heinz Brisch.  It gives a
>history of the research and some examples
>of treating the problems.
>Some people think that in recent years the far
>right has had quite a lot of success in promoting
>the doctrine of Social Darwinism, which includes
>the proposition that rich people are more virtuous
>because they are rich.

The most disturbing aspect of those doctrines, in my view, is when
their advocates try to change the rules so as to penalize
anyone who wishes to pursue goals other than maximizing personal wealth
without constraints or other values. Certainly
there has been too much of that lately. It does make
a mockery of American values.

>ave heard that there
>is good research that demonstrates the value
>of cooperation vs competition, but haven't been
>able to find any citations.
>Steve Hovland
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