[Paleopsych] al qaeda influencing election

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 13 20:43:51 UTC 2004

>>But security experts and political commentators have
been split over whom Al Qaeda wants to win the 2004 US
presidential elections: US President George Bush or
his Democratic challenger Sen. John Kerry.<<

--I would expect Al Qaeda to do whatever it can to
portray the US govt as corrupt and totalitarian. That
would make a postponement of the election the
preferred outcome, rather than a clear win by either

A win by Bush would be the next most favorable
outcome, since Bush has proven he cannot keep world
opinion on the side of the US. A win by Kerry would
mean a "fresh start" for the US with the possibility
of gaining allies, including Islamic allies, giving
Muslim nations an opportunity to cooperate without
being seen as appeasers of "Crusader Bush". Al Qaeda's
ultimate goal is to spark a global jihaad with the US
and Israel playing the role assigned to them, that of
"oppressive occupier." It can accomplish that goal
more easily with an evangelical Christian in office in
the US, especially one who cannot muster support from
the rest of the world. A postponement of the US
elections would most fit that dramatic theme.


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