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hi paul,

If Only .... - instead the "conservative " view is this!

karen ellis

Abby Christopher, AlterNet
A rape, a visit to the ER, a request for emergency
contraception, a refusal on religious grounds. Welcome
to the new front in the battle for reproductive rights,
where state law says it's okay to deny prescriptions.

the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), research 
scientists, and the FDA have considered the drug safe since they approved 
it in 1999, this past May the FDA overruled its own independent panel of 
experts and rejected an application for over-the-counter status for EC.

EC works much like birth control pills: taken in two doses, the drug stops 
the release of an egg from the ovary, preventing fertilization. In the case 
of fertilization, EC may prevent a fertilized egg from attaching to the 
womb. If a woman is already pregnant and an embryo is already implanted in 
the wall of the uterus, EC will have no effect.

"It's an issue of confidentiality that discourages women to file 
complaints," says Spitz. "It takes a lot of courage to put your name out 
there and confront the providers who have refused access. And we need data 
in order to establish new laws and strengthen and enforce existing laws to 
ensure access. Ideally we'll get EC approved for (over-the-counter) when/if 
Barr reapplies with the FDA."

>But folks who have second violations of selling the stuff to people 
>outside that system
>(after the clinics are established) should have the death penalty. Women who
>give birth from a pregancy in which the fetus is exposed to this stuff 
>should be automatically
>guilty of criminal child abuse, and automatically deemed unfit mothers, 
>and sterilized. That's
>the conservative part.

>But the clinics themselves should make easily available and free all kinds 
>of medical assistance
>to prevent such pregnancies (especially the ... delayed action six-months 
>things and tube tying.)
>And the stuff should emphatically not be encouraged; information should be 
>available about
>the problems -- but  all addicts should know the locations.

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"Little ax cut down big tree"
             A  woman may be small but accomplish big things.

"Man Dead, Man Dey"
            Life will go on in spite of death and if a woman loses her man,
            there is always another to take his place.

Sometimes it feels like: "Ah Buddy, me a jig but no motion"
            Wok'n like hell but not gettin' anywhere.

"Proverbs - an ancient resource,  the original sound byte. These morsels of 
that make up the Oral Tradition which have successfully passed down 
knowledge to future
generations worked great! before the complications of curriculum interfered 
with people's ability
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