[Paleopsych] drugs and violence

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 23 18:13:55 UTC 2004

>>The world cocaine system is a clear and present 
danger to world security just as serious as Al Quieda.
We cannot afford to wait for the millennium before
minimizing it.<<

--Simple solution to that. Stop violently punishing
users and dealers, which would eliminate the violence
surrounding the trade. People shot each other in the
streets once when alcohol was banned, that's why they
repealed the ban. They decided it was better that
people harm themselves than force everyone to live
with the danger created by an underground trade.

As long as drugs are dealt with as a "war", it will
create conditions which promote terrorism. If we dealt
with alcohol and tobacco the way we deal with other
deadly drugs, we'd realize IMMEDIATELY why such an
approach doesn't work. Instead, we ignore medical
research and deal with drugs as if they were an issue
of good vs. evil. We create the violence we fear, just
as we created a violent alcohol trade at one time.

A cocaine addict is no more harmful to society than an
alcohol addict, but when you ban the substance, it
creates a culture of violence which IS harmful.


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