[Paleopsych] drugs and violence

Steve shovland at mindspring.com
Tue Aug 24 23:03:22 UTC 2004

Speaking as the Identified Patient in my family,
I would say that I had problems and was the
source of problems for many years before I
discovered the dubious pleasures of pot.

Having said that, I would say that using drugs,
whether pot, coke, smack, booze, or Prozac,
does not fix the problems.  And some of the
problems are insoluble, although growing some
scar tissue over bleeding wounds is a good start.

This is really hard work.  I and my wife have been
in a couples group for several months and one of
the husbands in the group has a really profound
commitment to drinking as a viable hobby.  All
the rest of us are bewildered by this, given that they 
are expecting their first child.  And this is a guy who
has also had quite a bit of individual therapy.

If the world did what I wanted, we would have a
Universal Health Care system where 25-30% of
the budget would be dedicated to soul care :-)

Steve Hovland

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