[Paleopsych] drugs and violence

Steve shovland at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 25 16:14:26 UTC 2004

I would agree that atheism or existentialism
is not of much help.

Many of us have also found that organized
religion has failed to satisfy our souls.  

Many Christian faiths have a militaristic organizational
structure and place a lot of emphasis on the
maintenance of the organization, often to the exclusion 
of spirituality.  

I have sat through many services where the scripture readings 
and sermons left me feeling that they had thrown out the 
wheat and kept the chaff.

I think there has been a great falling away from
those sects, but good replacements have been

Some Jewish people have found a new home in
the Kabbalah, and some of us are comfortable
with various aspects of Wicca.

I am not a physicist by any means, but what little I
know of quantum physics inspires a sense of wonder
and cosmic connectedness, and psychotherapy and 
Jungian concepts have been a deep source of living 
water for me.

Steve Hovland

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