[Paleopsych] drug war

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 25 21:44:30 UTC 2004

>>But the cocaine machinery in this world is -- to 
repeat -- every bit as dangerous as Al Queida.<<

--As dangerous as the alcohol cartels would be if
prohibition had never been repealed. By
decriminalizing alcohol, the incentive for dealers to
kill each other was taken away. Alcohol still kills
people, and contributes to crime and domestic abuse,
but not in the way it would if it were still an
underground trade.

>>But if you want society to treat cocaine like water 
or aspirin... in fact... it's unlikely they will
follow either your preferences or mine at this

--Treat it like alcohol, which is every bit as deadly.

>>Lots of people die from cancer, more than from 
alcohol, but there are no street hustlers trying to
shove cancer down your throat if you happen to live in
the ghetto.<<

--That's because the people shoving cancer down your
throat do it with advertising and legal sales
restricted to those over 18. They don't have to set up
shop in alleys, and there is no incentive for tobacco
dealers to kill each other. 

Something tells me if we banned tobacco, people would
be outraged over the violation of their freedom to
smoke, including those who support the imprisonment of
people who grow pot in their basement. We're a little
schizophrenic on the issue. It would help if we judged
ALL drugs according to medical research, rather than
politics, and developed a pragmatic approach to
keeping violent crime out of the drug trade.


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