[Paleopsych] marijuana

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 25 21:53:01 UTC 2004

>>Finally, the concept of some drugs being victimless
contradicts my experience. Ain't no such. I have seen
much family damage done from marijuana, and have
treated patients with all kinds of drug abuse.<<

--My experience contradicts yours. I've never, ever,
seen serious damage from marijuana (except legal
penalties) to anyone I've known. I suppose you could
take any group and attribute their problems to their
drug of choice... take a group of coffee drinkers,
find the ones with problems and say "see the damage
caffeine can do?" But the pot smokers I've known had
no more problems than the coffee drinkers. They were,
by and large, as screwed up as everyone else.

I'm wondering, did the people you mention who smoked
pot happen to use other drugs as well? What damage,
specifically, do you attribute specifically and
uniquely to marijuana? Every time someone has told me
they've seen marijuana harm their friends or family, a
little questioning revealed that the pot smokers were
also addicted to alcohol and more damaging drugs. Or,
family problems which were systemic and psychological
were attributed unfairly and arbitrarily to the pot
smoker. But nothing that seemed directly and logically
related to marijuana.


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