[Paleopsych] marijuana

Richard Metzger metzger at disinfo.com
Wed Aug 25 22:16:52 UTC 2004

I agree.

I smoked pot for over 23 years from the minute I woke up until I fell
asleep --Rastas have looked at me in utter disbelief at how much weed I
could huff-- and I was certainly never called an underachiever by anyone.

And then one day I decided that I'd had enough (and truly I had!) and I
quit. I noticed not the slightest long-term damage.

I still lose my car keys a lot, though...

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> >>Finally, the concept of some drugs being victimless
> contradicts my experience. Ain't no such. I have seen
> much family damage done from marijuana, and have
> treated patients with all kinds of drug abuse.<<
> --My experience contradicts yours. I've never, ever,
> seen serious damage from marijuana (except legal
> penalties) to anyone I've known. I suppose you could
> take any group and attribute their problems to their
> drug of choice... take a group of coffee drinkers,
> find the ones with problems and say "see the damage
> caffeine can do?" But the pot smokers I've known had
> no more problems than the coffee drinkers. They were,
> by and large, as screwed up as everyone else.
> I'm wondering, did the people you mention who smoked
> pot happen to use other drugs as well? What damage,
> specifically, do you attribute specifically and
> uniquely to marijuana? Every time someone has told me
> they've seen marijuana harm their friends or family, a
> little questioning revealed that the pot smokers were
> also addicted to alcohol and more damaging drugs. Or,
> family problems which were systemic and psychological
> were attributed unfairly and arbitrarily to the pot
> smoker. But nothing that seemed directly and logically
> related to marijuana.
> Michael
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