[Paleopsych] bush/kerry

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 27 18:56:15 UTC 2004

>>Kerry: Reptile. Very cold man. There is a reason 
that about 200 of his former brothers in arms think he
is unfit for leadership. I was in the national guard
1963 - 1970, special forces medic, and I despise the
man. There is nothing that could ever redeem him in my
eyes. His 'service' since? Nothing.<<

--This sounds like a very emotional response... I saw
Kerry on the Daily Show and he didn't seem "reptilian"
at all. His speeches do seem a bit stiff, but I think
that's Democratic marketing, trying to project a
Kennedy-esque "gravitas". When Kerry speaks off the
cuff he seems like a pretty normal guy. 

Gore too got pegged as the "stiff". But as someone who
is pretty reserved and tends to think before speaking,
I can relate to someone who doesn't come across as the
most charismatic person. I'm not all that charismatic
either. But a thoughtful person who is boring on
camera is far preferable to me than a thoughtless
person who is entertaining. If we were electing a
national entertainer, I'd go for Bush. But we're
electing a President. Lincoln might have failed the
charisma test (he wasn't the most photogenic guy), but
he wrote his own speeches. 

It amazes me how much of our political system is based
on media strategy. You'd think the leader of a
superpower would be chosen by his writing, his
thoughts. But we elect people based on how easygoing
they look on stage. Our values have been shaped by
media consultants and PR firms, and that's a shame.
Democrats seem a little slow on the draw when it comes
to media strategy, but I'd like to judge the
candidates by their ability to think, not their
ability to sling a jacket over their shoulder in the
most casual way. If it were up to me, both candidates
would be required to write a multi-page essay on their
analysis of the global and national situation, with an
outline of their strategy on various issues. I don't
expect to get my wish anytime soon. We'll elect the
guy whose media team can demonize the other guy most


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