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Are there other long-standing theories in any area of
science which may be candidates for similar rethinking?

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> My personal view --
> The world is learning a lot here about the internal logic of a nice
> mathematical world.
> This is not the first piece of big news. (Forgive me for feeling an
> to the big news the TV also reports about
> Brittany Spears, who is also good about such things.)
> The second edition of the short history of time repudiated the most
> interesting insights of the first.
> Huw Price (whose stuff is worth googling) was clearly very disappointed,
> and I agree with his assessment.
> The best stuff received slight frowns from the establishment and the
> interests, and the eagerness
> with which Hawking accommodated illogic... well, it reminds me of
> discussions I have had with my wife about
> George Tenet.
> Back to the trenches...
> Best,
>     Paul
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