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Steve shovland at mindspring.com
Sun Jul 25 04:44:17 UTC 2004

Lately I have been thinking that Osama is in a
similar position to Hannibal.

Hannibal battled his way to the gates of Rome
and stopped.  His reward was that Rome hunted
him for 20 years and he eventually committed
suicide in a remote Turkish village.

Osama is a) hidden in a palace in Riyadh or
b) living in a lawless place in central Asia.
If we were seriously hunting him he would be

If 911 is viewed as a decapitation attack, it
failed.  The Arab street did not take it as a
signal to rise up and slaughter the infidels.

There has not been any significant activity
in the US since 911, and only sporadic
attacks outside, albeit at a higher rate
than in previous years.

I have noticed that Osama and his kind do
not themselves go on suicide missions  :-)

If the Jihadists think they are at war with
us it is a pathetically feeble effort, doomed
to failure.

Steve Hovland

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Exactly what does this grave danger consist of? This is a very serious 
question. Is it the way our paleolithic brains react to terrorist attacks? 
Is it the prospect of politicians stripping us of our liberties?

Did you know that more Israelis have died in car accidents than by 
terrorists in every single year since 1948? I won't say forever, since the 
Bible records terrorism during a period in which there were no cars.

I am not sure the war on terrorism is worth the cost.

Just Checking Premises, as usual.


On 2004-07-24, HowlBloom at aol.com opined [message unchanged below]:

> I agree wholeheartedly.  I'm astonished that Frank would say such things.  He
> is an extremely intelligent and well-informed man.
> If Frank's attitude is indicative of a widespread opinion, this nation 
> is in serious trouble.  Or let's put it differently.  This nation IS in 
> grave danger.  There's no doubt about it.  One reason is the complacency 
> for which Frank momentarily acted as spokesperson.  Howard
> In a message dated 7/24/2004 8:18:46 PM Eastern Standard Time,
> isaacsonj at hotmail.com writes:
> Look, Premise Checker, it is downriight idiotic to pronounce an "average
> IQ of about 90" in Moslem nations.   Where do get your facts?
> Also, denigrating the smarts of the adversary is an act of singular
> stupidity, sepecially in this case.  Take it back and re-think
> the wisdom of your attitudes
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