[Paleopsych] Disappearing Democrats?

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Sun Nov 28 06:48:42 UTC 2004

This afternoon when I was planting bulbs it occurred to
me that the Republican party may soon arrive at a position
similar to that of a football team that runs the same 
successful plays too many times.  

Eventually their opponents learn to see them coming 
and the plays no longer work.

Many of the techniques the Republicans have used
to gain ground in the last years or decades can be
turned against them.  

If their propaganda is defeated then only the results of 
their positions will remain to be judged by the voters.

I basically think that the Democrats have become the
left wing of the elite party, and have little to contribute.

That may be the reason why most of the post-election
ferment is being generated by many people other than
the establishment Democrats.  

I suspect that a large part of the Democratic base is in 
play and may quickly shift to politicians who can
articulate their concerns and values.  

Some of those politicians will describe themselves as 
Democrats, but they won't be Bill Clinton's Democrats.
More like Green Democrats.

Steve Hovland

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    It would be very bad for the country. Dialog helps create better 
solutions. But the premise is a weak one. The democrats will not 
disappear, and the notion that the repubs can somehow get rid of them 
doesn't make sense. The dems may be in the same position the repubs were 
in from 1930 to 1980, a minority party with old, tired ideas. There may 
be 50 years in the wilderness, so to speak, due to demographic trends.
    What I hope for is some really ingenious and innovative thinking 
from the dems. Currently the most interesting ideas come from the 
moderate to conservatives, like the flat tax, social security reform, 
and so on. In the traditional sense, the democrats have become 
conservatives, opposing change to the 60 year old welfare state, and the 
Republicans have become the liberals, embracing change and creating new 
    Also bear in mind that American Conservatives are sui generis, and 
cannot be associated with conservatives in any other part of the world. 
The right wing in this country is emphatically not about privilege or 
power, and that is why the democrats failed to win enough hearts and 
minds this election. They are fighting straw men of their own make 
(e.g., Edwards two americas argument).  Hence my anxiety about our 
country. We cannot flourish if the loyal opposition doesn't become 
creative and challenging. I hope for a stronger democratic party because 
it makes both parties more vibrant.

Geraldine Reinhardt wrote:

> If you substitute the word viewpoint for prejudice, your sentence 
> below should make more sense.
> My question concerned the initiation of a one-party system.  
> Apparently you disapprove of such a setup. Please explain.
> Gerry
> http://www.home.earthlink.net/~waluk
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>> We all tend to think that sources that reflect
>> our own prejudices are objective.
>> A lot of liberals listen to right wing media.
>> How many conservatives listen to Air America?
>> Steve Hovland
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>>>> This looks like a very useful site.  But there's a conundrum.  The 
>>>> Center
>> For Media and Democracy is a special interest group with a prejudged and
>> premeditated point of view.  It's also a public relations machine.  A
>> successful one. >>
>> Howard,
>> CMD staff members Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber have finished writing
>> their fifth book, Banana Republicans: How the Right Wing Is Turning 
>> America
>> Into a One-Party State. It's now in bookstores, or you can order it 
>> online.
>> You can also find chapter summaries, an excerpt, and reviews of the 
>> book on
>> our new Banana Republicans website.
>> Are those who wish to turn America into a One-Party State considered
>> "undemocratic".  Or un-bananarepublican?  After a "skim" at election
>> results worldwide it would appear that initiating a one party system 
>> (for
>> the present time) is not an unacceptable idea.  Could you explain your
>> calling The Center For Media and Democracy a prejudged and premeditated
>> group?  Is it only because they supported the Hutu-Tutsi conflict?
>> Presently I have very few bones to pick with The Center.
>> Thanks,
>> Gerry
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