[Paleopsych] Kerry stumps the mass mind

Steve shovland at mindspring.com
Sat Oct 2 16:46:58 UTC 2004

Is the war in Iraq a mistake?  "Yes"
Are soldiers dying for a mistake?  "No"

This makes no sense.

If the war is a mistake, then people
are dying for a mistake.

If it's not a mistake, then people are
dying for a great cause.

Was this an accident?  Perhaps.

Was this deliberate?  Perhaps.

It's like a zen koan.  It stops logic.

It may force you to make up your own mind.

It may have been a trap for Bush.

One assumes that both camps have groups of 
mind scientists working to identify and exploit 
the mental vulnerabilities of the opposition.

Have the Democrats done this better than the

Steve Hovland

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