[Paleopsych] Kerry stumps the mass mind

Werbos, Dr. Paul J. paul.werbos at verizon.net
Sun Oct 3 01:33:39 UTC 2004

At 09:46 AM 10/2/2004 -0700, Steve wrote:
>Is the war in Iraq a mistake?  "Yes"
>Are soldiers dying for a mistake?  "No"
>This makes no sense.


>One assumes that both camps have groups of
>mind scientists working to identify and exploit
>the mental vulnerabilities of the opposition.

I doubt that either side has any real mind scientists at that kind of level.

And I don't think people really saw such contradictions in Kerry's
position as Bush tried to pretend, in the debates.
Both came across as politicians -- but Bush much more so than Kerry,
working much harder to twist things around and play insincere games.

After those debates, what is most surprising, in a way, is that
Bush's ratings did not fall faster and deeper than they did.
It was all predictable, really -- that a new test was coming after the Swift
Boat episode (as we discussed) and that Bush was on track to muffing it.
He had a choice, but it was not so surprising how he chose.

Why did it not fall further and faster?

A couple of reasons, in my view. One is that folks like Zarqawi is working
hard to project an image of being a downright vampire. (His licking his
chops as he cuts off heads and then making statements about how good the blood
of Shia tastes to him... could almost make you wonder if Wolfowitz paid him 
or something...)
Anyone sensible realizes that Bush has problems in diplomacy with Europe, but
people may feel that Bush could do better in a dance with the Middle East
because his way of thinking is closer to theirs, so that he can
empathize and understand better... and of course Cheney has come
out very clearly with the view that there is no hope for sensitivity, reason
or dialogue in dealings with the Middle East.

If any side could be accused of using effective mind science on a 
professional basis..
I'm afraid it's more likely to be folks in the Middle East itself, the ones 
who would
see life in apocalyptic terms... and project the mindset which is now most 
of Bush's position.

I am reminded of a John Campbell ("Myths") tape my wife just showed me, 
where he cites
a song..
"Give me that old time religion...
Let us worship Zarathustra just like we always used to..."
Lots of that in the "noosphere" lately, and it is a very serious question 
how to deal
with that.

All for now.

Best of luck to us all,


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