[Paleopsych] Energy Shift: A Partial Overview of Possibilities

Steve Hovland shovland at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 17 16:33:47 UTC 2004

		Shift to lighter-than-air craft
		Use of high-end computing for more flexible and efficient schedules

	Ground freight:
		Re-emphasis on trains.
		Micro-factories to produce goods closer to the point of use
		Advanced scheduling systems to reduce movement of empty vehicles

		Hybrid vehicles
		Biodiesel vehicles
		Tiny cars like you see in Europe
		Jitney systems
		Reconfigured bus systems
		New light rail systems
		Intercity rail renewal- bullet trains to replace aircraft
		Living closer to work to reduce need for commuting
		Increase in tele-commuting
		Electric-motor-assisted bicycles, tricycles etc
		Mental health initiatives to reduce therapeutic shopping

	Water transport:
		Wind powered or wind-assisted freight and passenger ships- you can
		put a wind turbine or savonius rotor on top to drive the propeller in the water.

Food Production:
	Shift away from grain-fed meat, which mainly increases fat content and kills us by clogging our arteries.
	Replace petroleum-based nitrogen fertilizers with crop rotations that use nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
	Use of ground rock rather than high-processed minerals to provide other plant nutrients.
	At home, replace ornamental plantings and vast expanses of lawn with food gardens.
	Preserve space at the edge of cities for people-food production, and shift to seasonal eating patterns.
	Integrated pest control and toleration of some level of cosmetic damage.
	Shift away from simple-minded emphasis on increasing output per acre, toward emphasis on ROI based
		on many factors.

Building Operation:
	Passive and active solar heating and cooling.
	Re-emphasize use of natural light in building design.
	Turning off many of those lights you see when you drive around late at night- signs etc.

Chemical Feedstocks:
	Jojoba oil.
	Cottonseed oil.
	Flaxseed oil.
	Soybean oil.
	Corn oil.
	Lignin from wood.

A huge opportunity, or a huge catastrophe, lies ahead.

Steve Hovland

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