[Paleopsych] labor

Michael Christopher anonymous_animus at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 21 02:15:43 UTC 2004

>>If we value labor why are 80% of the people seeing
declines in their share of personal income?<<

--Labor is valued depending on market conditions.
Right now, everyone's looking for a job, or afraid to
leave the one they've got for something better. So
labor is as cheap as the minimum wage allows, or
lower, if companies give the jobs to India or China. 

If you look at employee compensation relative to CEO
pay raises (it's nice to be able to raise your own
wage!) it looks like labor is being left in the dust.
Of course, you can always throw them a few hundred
bucks and tell them you'll stop gays from marrying,
which is a nice diversion. Males get insecure when
their job security is at risk, and they respond well
to distractions that appeal to sexual insecurity...
the one thing gay marriage and the war on terror have
in common is the gender aspect: those who disagree
with Bush about the war are framed as "girly-men".
Those who support gay marriage are "weakening the
foundation of society". It's all about firmness vs.
floppiness, i.e. virility.


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