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Many folks on this list may not have had the opportunity to know my friend 
Gleason Sackmann so I thought to send this along. Please feel free to post 
this to other interested lists.

Karen Ellis

Carolyn Kotlas <kotlas at email.unc.edu>
CIT INFOBITS October 2004 No. 76 ISSN 1521-9275 10/29/04

After a long career in education, Gleason Sackmann retired this year.
In 1998, he was awarded the SIG/Tel Educational Telecomputing Outstanding 
Service Award, and in 1996, he was rated #10 on NEWSWEEK's prestigious List 
of "50 People Who Matter."
Over the years, Sackmann moderated several important newsletters for 
educators: K12 NEWSLETTERS, NETWORK NEWSLETTERS, and NEW-LIST. From 1993 to 
2004, he published NET-HAPPENINGS. Net-Happenings covers conference 
announcements, calls for papers, network resource announcements, 
newsletters, and network tool updates. Over 9,000 individuals currently 
subscribe, with many more readers through the website and mail redistribution.
Net-Happenings will continue publication under the direction of Karen 
Ellis, founder of the Educational CyberPlayGround website. As one who has 
benefited from Gleason Sackmann's work over the years (including his 
distribution of Infobits in his publications), I would like to express my 
appreciation for his tremendous contribution to the educational and 
Internet communities.

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