[Paleopsych] empathy [was] Positive emotions and perceptual accuracy

K.E. guavaberry at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 17 15:02:41 UTC 2005

I don't want to offend, I do want to say that empathy is felt. If you don't 
see it then fine, I wouldn't expect that. If there are not scientific tests 
that allow you to see it, I wouldn't expect that either.

Science - doesn't have the ability to test for everything - ALL animals is 
a pretty huge statement I agree, however we can't KNOW that they don't have 
it on some level.

(aka motley crew of - highly- unclassified people)

At 12:13 AM 2/17/2005, you wrote:
>Well, many mammals seem to have empathy. I do not think that reptiles have 
>empathy nor fish. I have not seen empathy in cows, but some in horses. My 
>Lab retriever has empathy for our cat, and the cat hates the dog. I have 
>not seen empathy in cats. No offense intended, you cat lovers. Your 
>examples are mostly chimps, and certainly they have empathy. The bird 
>studies show intelligence but I don't see the empathy. Our bird has no 
>empathy for anyone except the lovely bird behind the mirror. Empathy is 
>likely a limbic / neocortex combination, bigger cortex, more empathy???. I 
>suspect that animals living in groups would tend to develop empathy.
>K.E. wrote:
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