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These are fascinating references. I look forward to reading them. 

=> I have many more - I have studied resistance to change for about eight years now...any thoughts you have on why people are resistant to change I would enjoy hearing.  Group solidarity is certainly one reason.

One piece I didn't mention is the key is the CEO, the leader of the group. ...

=> Yep, the designated leader can be critical.  It's even better if you get the leader to introduce you around early on.  It sends a very clear message.....which may or may not be vetoed by subordinates.

Since change is too often seen as a threat ...
    1. Find exceptions and talk about them. ..
    2. We make the change seem positive and exciting. 

=> Very interesting.  But you need to establish excitement on a very broad scale all at once since old behavior patterns are very resilient.....and peer-group exposure can erase any interest.....person by person.

I also have the idea that people have four stages of change, based on Solution-focused therapy (deShazer) and on Prochaska's work on change. My four stages are:
    - Bystander / Visitor
    - Complainant
    - Shopper
    - Customer

I have a handout on that if you would like to see more. Anyway, the theory here that a colleague and I have been working on is that organizations go through the same four stages. I have a talk on that on audiotape I can send you if you'd like, where I apply the four stages to organizational change. 

=> I would love to see/hear these materials and understand them in entirity.  There is an expression which I cannot remember = "There is no such thing as an innocent bystander,....."  I can't remember the other two...  

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Thanks for all considerations,
David Schwaderer
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