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I remember when "Red" used to mean "Commie."

How things change :-)

Who knows, maybe the Republicans are just a
front for the Communists.  Strange bedfellows!

Steve Hovland

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Misstatement - more people are _married_ in red states; in blu states 
they just live together, so 'divorces' aren't recorded.

Steve Hovland wrote:

>I hear the divorce rate in the red states is
>higher than the blue states :-)
>Steve Hovland
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>Of interest is that many older people have grave 
>concerns about their children having difficulty making 
>long-term commitments (see Alice's post below).  If 
>what Steve says (below) is correct, by advising our 
>youths to make political and social commitments, we are 
>in effect brainwashing them into grabbing a 
>conservative mentality.  I wonder if it also follows 
>that those without any commitment are those with 
>liberal mentality.
>Gerry Reinhart-Waller
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>>This also touches on the issue of black-and-white
>>versus shades-of-gray mentalities.
>>The conservative mentality tends to be 
>>while the liberal mentality is more shades-of-gray.
>>Both sides have problems when carried to the extreme.
>>A conservative can be unbending at a time when it is
>>actually in his self-interest to be flexible, and a 
>>can be unable to commit to a course of action when
>>that is required.
>>Steve Hovland
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>>Hi Gerry,
>>Randy Nesse edited a book called "Evolution and the 
>>Capacity for
>>Commitment"; do you know it? It's wonderful... if you 
>>don't. (His
>>'Commitment in the Clinic' chapter is superb, btw.) 
>>Anyway, I think the
>>book addresses your question. The word 'commitment' 
>>itself addresses the
>>question. We have evolved mechanisms for detecting 
>>commitment and for
>>detecting possible defection in others. People who 
>>tow the party line, etc.
>>are considered committed. We seek out such people 
>>because it is proximately
>>and ultimately adaptive to do so. Befriending, 
>>supporting, trusting, etc.
>>the uncommitted would have been-- and still is, a 
>>risk (or threat). Such
>>risks could have been very costly over our 
>>evolutionary history and can be
>>still today. Of course, sometimes such risks (siding 
>>with someone who seems
>>to be sitting on the fence, uncommitted, a rebel) can 
>>be to one's
>>advantage. But 'ancient-brain' doesn't know this--and 
>>'statistics-brain' doesn't know this either!
>>Anyway, enough late-night babbling! It's a good book 
>>and might answer your
>>All best!
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>> >> Someone beyond the liberal/conservative
>> dichotomy may be rejected by both sides as a 
>> a threat to shared assumptions that define a group
>> against another.
>> This is absolutely amazing!  Why would any audience
>> reject someone who cannot plop into either the 
>> or conservative camp?  Please explain the threat you
>> feel is apparent.  This I need to hear!
>> Gerry
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