[Paleopsych] Tom Coburn on abortion

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So are you willing to accept free access
to condoms for 12 year olds, and access
to abortion if the condoms fail?

Steve Hovland

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Good c omments, Steve, except for the last paragraph. There is no study 
I am aware of that suggests that 'science based sex education' will 
prevent unwanted pregnancies. Can you find one?

What evidence I am aware of suggests that values-based education - 
"indoctrination" - does help substantially. Look at Uganda's experience 
for an example, when the ABC model did appear to reduce AIDS. Programs 
without the AB part seem to have a track record of failure (there are 
informal AB components going on in Brasil & Jamaica if those are your 
counter examples). If you can find an actual study to the contrary, I am 

We might conclude that both Right and Left have substantial blind spots 
when it comes to abortion. While the Right may balk at the C component, 
liberals I am personally acquainted with seem horrified by the AB 

Steve Hovland wrote:

>A lot of us on the left don't think abortion is
>a good idea.
>Anyone who knows a woman who has had
>an abortion knows that she pays an emotional
>price for it.
>But we also know that women do make that
>decision, and we don't think it is moral for
>them to be forced to go to dangerous
>back-alley abortionists when they do make
>that decision.
>The right needs to get in touch with reality
>about the actual sexual behavior of people
>from the age of 12 and up, and stop
>opposing the science-based sex education
>that would help prevent unwanted pregnancies..
>Steve Hovland
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>You are correct. I tried www.news.google.com (I use news.google because 
>I want actual news stories and not internet rumors) and I found one 
>story from Oklahoma (Fox news) where they reported that. I did find a 
>lot of secondary sources with the term "death penalty" but only that one 
>primary source. Ironically he did perform two abortions himself in his 
>medical career:
>I agree with you. His position is thoughtless. Such violent speech must 
>be opposed. I am personally repelled by abortion, but the right way to 
>deal with that is education and persuasion about better alternatives. 
>Violence is never the way. I plan to write to him and ask him to 
>moderate his views - using persuasion and reason again.
>I was doubtful because his profession - physician - should have taught 
>him to do no harm. But that is certainly no guarantee of reason.
>Michael Christopher wrote:
>>>>Michael, this is a questionable report. I just 
>>did a Yahoo News search for the terms:
>>Tom Coburn Oklahoma abortion capital punishment
>>No returns.<<
>>--Try Google (lots of matches). I'd give you a source,
>>but you'd have to tell me which sources you'd trust
>>first, so I don't waste my time only to hear "Well,
>>that's a liberal source, so I don't trust it". I've
>>learned to ask that question first, to avoid the
>>typical response.
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