[Paleopsych] saving the world--Michael

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Big ideas can help make better local/personal choices :-)

Capitalism is clearly at a turning point, having been largely
taken over by greedy psychotics.  It's time to give more
status to the artists and magicians in the corporate world.

Steve Hovland

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  This is wonderful.  Truths and paradoxes are partners.  Howard

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    Frank says to Howard:
    >>Stop trying to save the world!<<

    --When I was in my idealistic early 20's, a lot of
    people told me not to try to save the world. So I
    didn't try. Look what happened! ;)

    I'm pretty sure a lot of young idealists were told the
    same thing all through the 80's and 90's. Perhaps
    instead of telling people not to try to save the
    world, we should be having a discussion about what
    tools might help the world save itself? I think that's
    what you were telling Howard, in a way, but whenever
    someone tells someone else not to try to save the
    world, it makes me wonder if that meme is a healthy
    one that encourages people to focus locally where they
    can do more good, or a toxic one that discourages
    people from doing what small part they could to make
    the world better.


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