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I object to this thread. I click on the messages and there are no 
pictures. <grin>

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>     --Nudity can signify many things... innocence, shame,
>     nature, manipulation... what it signifies depends on
>     who is observing, who is naked, and who is
>     interpreting the observer's reactions. Often,
>     different subcultures find it impossible to agree on
>     what an act signifies, each insisting that it is the
>     objective and final observer, or observing in the name
>     of some higher power (God, social convention, etc). In
>     reality, signs have different meaning depending on
>     context, and there is no way to finalize context.
>     Michael
> Maybe I have missed something, but what about ART? Every Friday a 
> model poses nude for four hours for me Some of them are strong women 
> insisting on certain conditions.
> An acquaintance draws her nudes from Playboy.
> My sister turned Playboy down when they approached her because she was 
> concerned about future repercussions. Now I wonder if she regrets that 
> decision. I think she might.
> Lorraine
> Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.
> ---Andre Gide
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