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Speaking of art and nudity, back when I was going to coops
every weekend we once had a pregnant model who continued
to pose throughout her pregnancy and then returned nursing
the baby.  What a special atmosphere that was!

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    --Nudity can signify many things... innocence, shame,
    nature, manipulation... what it signifies depends on
    who is observing, who is naked, and who is
    interpreting the observer's reactions. Often,
    different subcultures find it impossible to agree on
    what an act signifies, each insisting that it is the
    objective and final observer, or observing in the name
    of some higher power (God, social convention, etc). In
    reality, signs have different meaning depending on
    context, and there is no way to finalize context.


  Maybe I have missed something, but what about ART? Every Friday a model
poses nude for four hours for me Some of them are strong women insisting on
certain conditions.
  An acquaintance draws her nudes from Playboy.
  My sister turned Playboy down when they approached her because she was
concerned about future repercussions. Now I wonder if she regrets that
decision. I think she might.


  Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.
  ---Andre Gide

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