[extropy-chat] SUV's are killing their drivers.

Matus matus at matus1976.com
Thu Aug 19 21:37:23 UTC 2004

Brian Lee said:
> Just like SUVs have thier purposes, but no way should they equate for
> of
> US auto sales. SUVs kill their drivers and passengers because they are
> more
> unsafe than comperable sedans. That's pretty simple analysis.

But they are more safe if they are used properly, that's the sad thing.
Simply having more metal around and a more massive vehicle makes one
safer in an accident.  If the tracks were just widened a bit and the CoG
lowered, and a rudimentary change to the front end geometry made,
lowering the bumper, SUV's would be safer all around.  

Mike Lorrey said:
> The stats say that more people are dying in accidents in which trucks
and > SUVs are involved. They don't say that those people are in the
cars being > struck by the trucks and SUVs, <...> It says nothing 
> about the relative danger of being IN a truck or SUV, and Bill, et al 
> should recognise this important distinction.

Indeed, the occupant is safer in an SUV, especially if he drives
properly.  Which is why, as an extropian who is concerned about living a
long time, Id like to get a tractor trailer cab (cab only) and drive
around properly in that, given the most likely way I will die is in a
car accident.

Extropians concerned about living as long as possible should get big
vehicles, wear their seat belts, and drive slower.  

A recent issue of Motorcycle Consumer News argued (convincingly imo)
that the sharp increase recently in Motorcyclist fatalities in the US
has corresponded almost directly with the increase in light truck
registrations.  Even though the number of accidents are going down with
motorcyclists, the accidents are more deadly.  This becomes more clear
when considering that most vehicles other than light trucks have lower
bumpers and hit motorcyclists at their legs as the primary point of
impact.  SUV's are much higher and might hit a rider at his chest or
shoulder level, some of the larger SUVs are even at head level to people
hunched over on sport bikes.
So motorcyclists on the list (spike et al) beware, imagine all those
SUV's about as huge danger zones.

Michael Dickey

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