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Russell Wallace russell.wallace at
Mon Oct 10 00:36:34 UTC 2005

On 10/10/05, Dirk Bruere <dirk.bruere at> wrote:
> There are two things needed.
>  Raw computing power, which is on track to deliver Human performance
> equivalent within a decade, and software.
> IMO the big breakthroughs will come by doing crude brute force simulations
> of real brains - the data derived from slice-and-scan. First insects, then
> small mammals, then people.

Well okay, that's an idea we had long before 1998, though I tend to regard
uploading as something separate from AI. It'll be a lot more than a decade
before we have the computing power for that, though. (By 2015 we might have
the computing power to match human performance in a significant spread of
domains _if_ we had appropriate AI software optimized to make efficient use
of electronic hardware - though I doubt we will have such software by then -
but _not_ to run an uploaded human brain.)

- Russell
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