[extropy-chat] Draft Paper on Boredom and Superlongevity, just curious:)

Anne-Marie Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Thu Jun 22 06:42:22 UTC 2006

John K Clark wrote:
  >I don't believe boredom should be treated as the enemy, although rather
>unpleasant boredom is essential for any mind to retain its sanity, be it 
>chimpanzee mind or a Jupiter Brain mind. Of course the boredom threshold
>must be carefully regulated, too much boredom and you can't concentrate, too
>little boredom and you get caught in a infinite loop. I don't see why an
>immortal Jupiter brain would be more likely to fall on the too much boredom
>side of the line rather than the too little. 
  Anna Replies:)
  I agree, I think peeking has a lot to do with boredom as well as lack of motivation, ignorance and laziness.  
  >A billion huge telescopes looking in a billion directions is not an inherently
  >uninteresting situation
  I agree, but doesn't that mean that having a huge view is better than having a one 
  tract mind but too many views,  is having too many distractions?
  Just curious:)

Any piece of knowledge I acquire today has a value at 
this moment exactly proportioned to my skill to deal with it. 
Tomorrow, when I know more, I recall that piece of 
knowledge and use it better.
-Mark van Doren
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